Sophisticated interiors with our help

The Artmattire team is supported by the 19ventuno studio, which deals with interior design and architecture.

The 19ventuno studio is the realization of a project born during university and implemented in 2019.
Giada Zonta and Nicola Parisotto met at the Iuav University of Venice in 2010.

The close collaboration united them in the three-year degree and then in the specialist degree. Graduates and qualified to practice, they create a universe that mixes contemporary influences with 20th century Italian design. Both passionate about modern art, they conceive and implement each project in a recognizable and personal way. A unique, refined and timeless atmosphere, originating from the union of innovative and recycled materials, objects created by masters of historical design and ‘tailor-made’ solutions. A language inspired by a series of vocations, unexpected impulses, born from the synergy with the client and the intuition of space. The research focuses on finding concrete solutions that make everyday life easier, without giving up the poetry and uniqueness of the simplest details.


Turnkey renovation of your property. We think about the spaces and needs and draw up a work specification for you with clear and transparent costs based on the project.


We think about interior design in every aspect, we search for 20th century furnishings, combining modernity and design to make your environment refined and unique.


We offer a consultancy service to furnish temporary spaces with the furniture supplied by Artmattire, creating unique and refined environments.